automate your inventory planning with Baxter
Prophet by Baxter is a web-based software suite focused on inventory planning and execution that will automate the complex decisions that you struggle with on a daily basis.

Automate your Inventory Planning with Baxter

Prophet by Baxter intelligently automates and comprehends changes in products, customer installed base and inventory availability. Our advanced solutions will forecast demand, optimize target stock levels and integrate with other systems to execute supply, replenishment and repair orders for each part across your entire supply chain.

Prophet’s Total Cost Optimization approach takes into account stock out cost such as service penalties, expedited freight and lost sales, in addition to other common inventory planning variables, such as forecasted and outlier demand, order cost, carrying cost and lead times.

Whether your supply chain is local or global, our solution is developed for businesses with high-availability inventory needs to help them exceed same-day and next-day service level goals with the minimum level of inventory and expediting.

Prophet is designed to integrate with your systems and automatically perform analysis to intelligently forecast demand, update target stock levels and recommend purchase and replenishment orders.