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Prophet Software for Inventory Planning

The pressure to keep one of every part at all your sites can be overwhelming especially when you have to fulfill service contracts with “same-day” commitments. However, one of everything is not an effective part planning strategy.

Demand based planning is not enough in low volume environment like service parts. Service contracts and the products in-use by your installed based, are valuable indicators for planning the parts you need to keep available.

Whether you are providing service on parts that you manufacture or have expanded your offering to provide service on an entire network, we can help you simultaneously optimize inventory and service levels.

Prophet™ by Baxter is a 100% web-based software suite focused on inventory planning and execution.  Prophet systemically forecasts demand, sets target stock levels and recommends orders.  Prophet™ automates the complex decisions that you struggle with on a daily basis supported with analysis you can understand.


  • Installed base planning – enables global visibility into service commitments for more timely and accurate target stock levels.
  • Total Cost Optimization – our unique calculation of the optimal inventory target level for each location that yields the LOWEST total cost of – inventories, fill rates and stock out costs.
  • Replenishment- utilizes Prophet’s “Lowest Total Cost” logic to optimize the replenishment and re-balance.
  • Chaining – a quick snapshot for material substitutions; no need to get more inventory.
  • Repair Planning – Prophet recommends when and what needs to be repaired based on demand and available defective.

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