How is Baxter Your Partners in Planning?

The tagline of “Your Partners in Planning” was selected based on validation from customers that rely on Baxter’s solutions to optimize the service inventory and improve planner productivity. Customers recognize us for the relationships earned by providing solutions to their service inventory optimization challenges.

Baxter’s Center of Excellence methodology drives continuous customer value to increase service levels, optimize inventory, and improve efficiency. The methodology begins with customer Supply Chain Objectives that can be monitored to ensure success. From there, the Best Practice Scorecard and Comprehensive Assessment provide the structure for measurement and benchmarking while the Business Review provides a forum to communicate accomplishments along with improvement recommendations.

Your Baxter partner will develop a customized roadmap for improvement and recommend Prioritized Projects within the 8 key Prophet practice areas to improve your capabilities on the path to achieving your supply chain goals. Finally, Value Tracking ensures that the projects completed with our customers meet expectations. Baxter planners will monitor and report progress on all projects and feed the information back into the Center of Excellence process to start the cycle over again in pursuit of continuous improvement.

What Are Our Customers Saying?

  • “Exceptional product and support team!”

    -Sr Manager, Service Delivery Systems (Dallas, TX)
    Managed Service Provider 

  • “Baxter is a critical supplier for us and has been a great partner.”

    -Senior Logistics Manager (San Jose, CA)
    High Tech Company 

  • “The set up is very scalable and Baxter is a valuable resource.”

    -Senior Supply Chain Manager (San Jose, CA)
    Telecommunications Company 

  • One of the selling points for Baxter had been the historical willingness to really do put in the effort to help us get the system setup right and to understand what we should be doing to fully utilize Prophet.

    -Customer Program Manager (Dallas, TX)
    Telecommunications Company 

  • “Baxter has been an outstanding partner of mine for many years.”

    -Field Service Operations Senior Director (Sunnyvale, CA)
    High Tech Company 

  • “Baxter Planning provides us with exactly what we need, without being too complex.”

    -Global Services Logistics Director (Seattle, WA)
    Telecommunications Company 

  • “Baxter Planning is a real game changer on the way to plan spare part by connecting the install base to the supply chain.”

    -Stocking Plan Leader (Grenoble, France)
    Industrial Equipment Company 

  • "Baxter is a fundamental requirement for the service repair business with wonderful structure and design. It’s well-engineered and the customer follow-through is very robust."

    -Strategic Supply Chain Lead (Santa Clara, CA)
    High Tech Company 

Ava Grove
Baxter planner since 2015

  • "Working with Ava has been great. Ava is incredibly sharp and capable and managed our account extremely well. She’s been a great resource for us both with projects and with little details pertaining to Prophet."

    Service Planner (Santa Clara, CA)
    High Tech Company

Brenner Burgess
Baxter planner since 2013

  • "Brenner is great at offering up ideas on how to do things differently. He is always pushing best practices."

    Global Logistics and Demand Fulfillment Manager (Seattle, WA)
    Telecommunications Company

Grant Malone
Baxter planner since 2015

  • "Grant has been a key resource when inquiries or changes arise. His knowledge of the Prophet planning system, strong communication skills, and ability to collaborate with our various stakeholders has enabled our planning team to act swiftly and effectively"

    Supply Chain Project Manager (San Jose, CA)
    High Tech Company

Jeff Bordinhao
Baxter Implementation Manager since 2014

  • "Jeff did a great job merging our unique business model into Prophet’s capabilities. He knew the product and was also able to explain it very well."

    Manager of Strategic Planning (Denver, CO)
    Managed Service Provider

Jordan Haynes
Baxter planner since 2017

  • "Jordan has been incredible to work with and very responsive."

    Field Service Parts Planning Specialist (Rochester, NY)
    Medical and Healthcare Information Technology Company

Morten Nordberg
Baxter planner since 2015

  • “Morten is responsive, helpful, and accommodating. I feel a true sense of partnership from Baxter because of his efforts. “

    -Logistics Team Lead (Munich, Germany)
    Managed Service Provider